Ch. 1 - Foundations of Civilization

Tuesday, August 26
  • Complete common assessment.
  • Read ch. 1, sec. 1, Understanding Our Past, pages 4 - 10.
  • Complete the map of the world to be handed out in class. This is due on Friday. Make sure you follow the directions on the back side of the map. Be neat. Use resources to complete the map such as your book, your computer, atlases, etc. Label everything on the map (do not use numbers from the backside instructions).

Wednesday, August 27
  • View powerpoint on ch. 1, sec. 1 -
  • Read ch. 1, sec. 2, Turning Point: The Neolithic Revolution, pages 11 - 15.
  • Create a chart that lists the characteristics of life during the Old Stone Age and the New Stone Age (these are your two major headings for your chart). Chart is due tomorrow.

Thursday, August 28