World Studies

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Welcome to Mrs. Olson's World Studies Class

This is the wiki we will be using for our World Studies Class. You will find all of the important information you will need for class.

Our Book:

The book that we will use for this class is Prentice Hall's World History by Ellis and Esler. Our book is an ebook. You should have been emailed your username and password to access the online book. The online book site is at World History

Materials Needed for Class:

Computer (and access to book)
Pen and Pencil
Loose leaf paper
Colored pencils

Expectations for Student Behavior:
1. Students will exhibit respect for the teacher, their peers, and themselves at all times.
2. Students will respect classroom property, others’ property, and their own property at all
3. Students will follow directions the first time they are given.
4. Students will be responsible stewards of the technology that they have been given and
use it appropriately.
5. Students will leave cell phones, MP3 players, and any other unapproved technology off
during class.
6. Students will be in their seats when the bell rings.
7. Students will be in dress code when you enter the classroom.
8. Students will bring all necessary materials (a charged laptop, a pen, a folder, notebook
and loose-leaf paper) with you to class.
9. Students will not work on material other than Sociology during class time.
10. Students will be active participants in their education. No sleeping in class! 

Tardy Policy:
Any student who is not seated in their assigned seat when the bell rings will be considered tardy, unless the student has a valid pass from their prior hour teacher or an administrator.

Students will be allowed two “grace” tardies per trimester. A student’s third tardy to class will result in a detention.

Technology Policy:
A student’s laptop may be used for educational purposes, including taking notes, visiting the class wiki, conducting research, or working on assignments. Use of the computer for purposes irrelevant to World Studies will not be permitted.

Misuse of computer privileges will result in a loss of computer privileges during this class.

Students are responsible for making sure their computer is charged and ready for use in class.

Absence Policy:
Whenever you are absent, check the class wiki page and consult with a classmate to see what you may have missed in class.

Any student with an excused absence, as verified by the main office, will have one day to make up assignments for each day they have been absent. Extended absences will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Students with unexcused absences will not be given credit for missed assignments, quizzes, or tests.

If a student knows in advance that they will be absent (for example, a doctor's appointment or an athletic event), the student is requested to submit assignments and take quizzes and tests in advance. Students should check the class wiki page for assignments missed in class and have them prepared to turn in upon their return to class.

Missing class one day before a scheduled test or quiz will not excuse a student from taking the scheduled test on time, with the class.

Responsibility for making up missed assignments, quizzes, and tests belongs to the student. Make-up work should be scheduled before or after class. Missed quizzes and tests will be taken before or after school, not during class.